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of the snow will be moving into the texas area over the weekend. so folks in new mexico and texas may be getting a white christmas. i'm going to zoom in here into the new mexico area where we have snow falling and where you see these areas in white. especially the higher elevations getting us snow. also rain in parts of central texas and you know they need this rain. that is welcome relief. their christmas present for the weekend. >>> here's a look at the mid-atlantic and in our area hey, it is quiet thanks to that ridge of high pressure. much of the east coast is quiet. a lot of folks are getting into town and we are going to see this quiet weather pattern con into the weekend. temperatures are falling 5 in bethesda. 46 in college park. 5 in an nap list -- in annapolis. chilly, then milder. dry and cold for tonight, sunny saturday. but chilly. that means chilly for the redskins game. christmas day though, dry and milder. so for tonight what can you expect? you have holiday shopping, bring out the jackets, partly cloudy and cold. saturday morning partly cloudy and cold. you will need
the southwest on monday. closing highways from new mexico to texas. >> they told us that it's whiteout conditions. >> it was really crazy. i slid off in the media. was there for several hours waiting for help and took me three hours to get 30 miles. >> four people died in an accident along the new mexico, texas border where blizzard conditions are rare. and authorities say the storm may have been a factor in the crash of a single engine plane which killed five people. plows worked to clear major roadways including 25, 54, and 70. with snowfalling at 1 to 2 inches an hour, it was hard to keep up. drivers are being advised to stay put. >> go real, real slow. they can't hurry with the visibility like it is. just find some place where they can get to a shelter is the best thing and stay off the road. >> the storm is expected to wind down later today. winter doesn't officially arrive until just before dawn on thursday. terrell brown, cbs news. >> glad that's not us. there is one bright spot, however. the storm is providing a big boost to hotel owners along those closed highways who are
of the texas teenager gathered today for his funeral in austin. and the rising star on youtube died on christmas day. but not before leaving behind a touching video that will reveal the rare health problem that took their life. anna werner has his story. >> hey guys, thanks for watching. >> reporter: for more than a year, the austin, texas teen had been cultivating a following on youtube with the whit and wisdom of someone far beyond his 18 years. >> what are your views? do you think that is an issue? >> that is the most joyful person that i ever knew. >> reporter: just before christmas, he made a different kind of video. still funny, but also terribly sad. ben shared with the world his personal struggle with a life threatening heart condition and how that challenged him every day of his life. >> it was about 13 months old and he was taken to a cardiologist. they did some tests finding out he has a condition. >> a sickening of the heart muscles that will make it difficult for the heart to pump blood. and causes chest pains, high blood pressure, and eventually heart failure. ben deta
, abduction and other charges. >>> police outside fort worth, texas think a man shot six family members and himself christmas day was dressed as santa claus. officers found the bodies of four men and three men ages 18-60. investigators believe the family was opening gifts at the time of the rampage. >>> it has been a relatively quiet winter so far. boy could we use it after the string of weather disasters. >> in vermont just three months after irene caused the worst flooding in the state's history, they have built roads, bridges and even rivers. >> we are the engine in this local economy in the winner time. after irene left the next morning it was a beautiful, sunny day and we begin assessing our damage and immediately started putting our people to work to bring her back to get ready for this ski season. >> we literally had such extraordinary damage that we felt like we had grand canyons in many cases. you know, 90, to 200-foot drops created by small teeny brooks and rivers. we had over 500 miles of roads cut out. we had 200 bridges, 34 entirely shut down. >> we are working 16, 17, 18 h
of moisture from that, which is a great thing, by the way. any time you see the green blobs in texas, that's fantastic. now, this is a second little piece of energy that will be rolling along the frontal boundary late tomorrow and tomorrow night. you've been watching it all week. it'll stay to the south, probably throw the clouds our way though tomorrow afternoon. but i think all the showers will be staying south of us, maybe, just maybe glancing at southern maryland. in the meantime, most of our showers are pretty much over. we didn't get much. it would not be power packed. it was not. and that is the most we could find. most of the showers are moving across the bay. and we'll see parts of clearing in the skies as you go through your nighttime hours. some of the roads are still wet through the evening commute. look at the temperatures, who cares. 58 in bethesda, 51 in arlington and d.c. 59 in gaithersburg. it just went back to the record, trying to determine what winter it was. 97, 98, 99, no snow. it was 97, 98. and oh, look at that, only a tenth of an inch. all right, slowly cooling dow
's possible. check this out. this is in texas and you know what? this is the cold air that is going to move in here on wednesday night and thursday. that's a problem. it did cause some minor accidents. it occurred in the early morning hours. accidents with the sleet and mainly about an inch or so of snow. let's talk about temperatures. right now it's mold. 55 in bethesda. 57 in arlington. 54 downtown and 54 in reston. here's the deal. locate your umbrella. mild through tomorrow. mainly showers on tuesday. wetter wednesday and cooler late the cold air moves in and that could spell some snow late wednesday night, early on thursday. mild, sprinkle or shower possible after midnight. lows around 50. winds out of the south, southwest at 10. by morning, showers, but grab your umbrella. it will be mild. temperatures in the 50s and by afternoon, even with the clouds and with the showers, temperatures still around 60 degrees. our last mild day for a while and winds out of the south at 10. next seven days, colder air comes in wednesday. we have an arrow here. 54. the temperatures fall. could end the s
-feeding her child at target. and that happened in texas. now normally you would think a protest would happen if a mom was told she wasn't allowed to nurse at the store at all. when you find out the details, you might wonder if the store is being unfairly targeted. this is michelle hickman. she says she was at target november 29, when it was time to nurse her son, noah. she sat down on the floor in the women's clothing section. >> i had this big blanket. this big one over me. >> hickman says she turned down an offer to use a dressing room. what is bothering her is how she says others reacted and she is calling it harassment. >> they all came and started walking by and shaking their head, like, you know, and rolling their eyes and shaking their head like i'm doing something so horrible. i'm feeding my baby. >> hickman shared additional details online and said it was target employees that urged her to move, threatened her, and harassed her. in response, she helped organize a nationwide nurse in. moms in our area participanted. >> we wanted to show some solidarity. >> she visited the targ
's the hottest in 75 years. texas recorded the hottest summer in any state of the country. the hot dry conditions made the state right for wildfires. more than 1,500 homes were destroyed in early september when hundreds of fires, stood by the tropical winds racing across hundreds of thousands of acres. the hurricane season was quiet until a storm named irene set their sights on the u.s. irene made landfall as a category one snowfall. some of the worst flooding from irene was much further north here in vermont. she was responsible for more than 40 deaths and more than $1 billion in damages over 12 states. hurricane season was not over yet and parts of the northeast were facing an october snowstorm. and upwards of two feet of snow fell in some areas. in parts of connecticut, power was out for more than a week. >> we have been without that since saturday. the house is, well, it's cold. and where are the trucks? where are they? >> reporter: leaving the frustrated residents anxious about what is ahead in 2012. >>> wow. a rough year on out there. if you want to let us know your favorite or most memorab
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8